Blogging is my passion and I have turned that passion into profession by inditing articles on areas of interests to me such as immigration, accounting and finance, travel and tourism and job placement.

Feel free to get in touch with me for friendly, professional and cost free advice pertaining to the domains mentioned.


Why I have started writing articles and providing free advice on immigration is my experience with Canada Immigration. I hold permanent residency of canada and I applied on my own without assistance of immigration consultants.

My experience with Express Entry  Canada Immigration scheme revealed that every bit of information required to lodge application is available on the website. Therefore, not in every case you need help of a consultant.

Immigration lawyers /consultants do have a role when your case is rejected and you need to file a case.

Click on the immigration tab to know more about immigration to Canada & Australia.

Audit & Accounts

I am Chartered Accountant from England and Wales and internal auditor by profession, therefore, have keen interest in sharing ideas and expressing views on accounting, finance audit, risk management and related subjects.

Get in touch for free of charge advice concerning financials statements, audit, risk management or career advice in related fields.

Travel Advisory

Besides, immigration and audit consultancy, I love to travel and explore vacation spots, eateries and outing. Click on the Places tab to know about travel sites, places to visit and my personal experiences.


Part of my reviews includes products that either me or my friends have used and books that I have read or scheduled for reading.

Job Placement

My experience with job hunting has given me impetus to assist other people / professionals seeking employment. I work with number of professionals across Middle East, Asia and Canada who shares job vacancies in their professional circle.

Click on the Jobs Board tab to explore jobs, recruiters / head hunters or professionals seeking employment.

I am happy to assist you and render professional advice for career in audit/finance and tips for resume writing and how to do successful job hunt.

Thank you for visiting my blog site, hope you find what you were looking for.


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