Water Fuelled Car – Invention or Deception

July 26, 2012 a Pakistani engineer came to lime light and media attention with the invention of new technology named Water Fuelling  System (WFS). Applying WFS, hydrogen gas is produced from breaking the hydrogen bond that derives the engine. Waqar Ahmad claimed to run 1000 cc car with the speed of 40 KMPH by utilizing just a litre of H2O. As with any invention, this news flared up rightist and the leftist being the supporters and critics of the conception.
Supporters of the WFS ranges from media personnel to the political leaders and eminent experts as well. Views shared by the media and government officials seem to be mist-up by the overwhelming desire to cut down dependence on fuel and overcome the severe energy crises that remained a challenge for the regime and whole nation.  Not surprisingly, the matter was discussed in cabinet meeting in addition to the chirrupy by the media pundits. News on the media on leading channels (Geo TV, Dawn News and Dunya tv) portrays it stupefying and astounding that world has never encountered before, but made practicable in Pakistan.
Although Federal Minister, Mir Changez Khan, for Science & Technology has already declared satisfaction over the idea, however, the practical authenticity of the Water Fuel kit is yet to be established by the Ministry for Science and Technology. Protagonists cite satisfactory remarks hinted by the science icons such as Dr AQ Khan & Dr Samar Mubarakmand.
Critics on the other hand are not at back stage and often seen proclaiming it a government’s propaganda to dupe Pakistani people yet another time. Pervez Hoodbhoy, writer and graduate in electrical engineering from MIT went onto saying;
“In a few short days, he [Agha Waqar Ahmad] has exposed just how far Pakistan has fallen into pit of ignorance and self delusion.No practical joker could have demonstrated more dramatically the true nature of our country’s political leaders, popular TV anchors and famed scientists.”  [Express Tribune Aug 2 2012]
Some argue that this technology is not a new one to the world and similar analogy is used in batteries. Thus in essence basic idea behind is running car on a battery which seems practical but absurd. Other declare it to be against the Laws of Physics; one of the electrical engineer Usman Tariq from UET (BSc in 2004) tried to establish  Water Kit a fraud.
What ever it is, the media and politicians has created so much hype in it that I fear if this turns out to be fallacious, may become a source of another mockery to the nation. Views that it is a political agenda to deception do carry weight as history reveals that there is little to be believed in politicians of Pakistan.  Just wait for the 14th August to know the truth as Ministry of Science and Technology along with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) aims to gift this project to the nation on National Day.

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