How to move to Canada from Dubai

Canada considered to be one of the advanced and sought after countries in the world. Tens of thousands of people especially from Middle East and  Asia have applied for immigration or already settled there. Each one has its unique story to share with and has his / her own experience.
Land of Opportunities:
Marketed as “Land of Opportunities” has so much to offer to immigrants. It is well known and cherished for its hospitality, developed economy, proximity to United States, diversity and openness. People are awesome and welcomes with a big heart. Almost negligible cases of racism or prejudice.
Fighting Odds:
However, the worst part is weather which varies from 30 c to -35 c. Summers starting from March till July are lovely. Second worst thing is temporary nature of work. New immigrants often find it difficult to land good job during first one or two years. They stumble upon one job to another, usually doing odd jobs to make both ends meet.
They say in Canada to never trust 3Ws; Work, Weather and Women. That sounds true to those who happened to have chance spending some time there.
Despite all these odds Canada is great place to live in. During my short visit, almost everyone I met was happy and satisfied with their lives. Those who are planning for immigration to Canada can benefit from its recent immigration scheme.
Immigration Scheme:
To ease its immigration process, Canada has launched Express Entry Scheme. Follow the link of Canadian Immigration website for further details;
Based on the existing scheme application is submitted online and decision is granted within six months of application submission. The only hurdle is enough score that can land you in front row of all applicants. Twice a month required score is announced and published on the website. If you calculated score is above that minimum / required score, you will receive email to send complete application.
Base requirements are IELTS and Education Assessment.
To know more Click HERE

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