Why I decided for Canada Immigration!!!

Those who dwell in any of the Middle Eastern countries cannot deny its luxury and peacefulness. If you are earning good enough, sooner or later you start to realize benefits of tax-free income and adequate cash savings. Even after spending so much money recklessly, average savings for this region is highest among other countries in the world i.e. around 35 to 40%, according to one survey by Forbes International.

Positives in Middle East

Overall Middle East offers affordable housing facilities, with only exceptions Dubai and Abu Dahbi that have surpassed title of most expensive cities.  Fuel, grocery, transportation, dine out all comes at cheap to reasonable prices that any person with average income can afford comfortably. With so many places to visit, attractions and activities, life in Middle East is worth enjoying. Dubai being center place of attractions is famous for water parks, theme parks, ferrari world, shopping malls, sky scrapers, including tallest building Burj Khalifa, clubs, and savory restaurants bringing together taste from all corners of the world.

What haunts in Canada

Canada also offers similar life style but with some price to pay i.e. taxes. Almost 20 to 25% is deducted at source from salary in the form of taxes. Housing is slightly expensive on average, so does fuel, grocery and dinning. Simply add up Value Added tax on top of all expenses, making it expensive place to live in with bare to minimum savings. The more you earn the more you have to pay tax, so the net benefit is reduced to certain extent despite earning higher salary. 

Why then Canada

After reading all this through, you may be contemplating what is in Canada that makes it more attractive to Middle East. According to one survey, Australia is top destination for immigrants and tourists, then Canada comes at second place and Dubai has 3rd rank among all countries that top favorite for living. 
What makes Canada more favorite than Dubai?? In my opinion the top most ranked reason is the;
1) Citizenship, 2) Career Progression and 3) Education 



citizenship program that they offer and second most is career progression. 

Career Progression

From my personal experience, there are fewer steps in corporate ladder in Middle East compared to in Canada. You know either English or French and have requisite qualifications and experience, you can even be appointed CEO of a company. English being common language for the rest of the world, there are many people who progressed to the highest positions. 


On other other hand, Arabic language is not known to many people which creates a barrier between Board or Senior Management and Middle Management. Therefore, a manager who does not know Arabic is less likely to achieve higher rank where he is supposed to interact with persons sitting at Board level who are native Arabic speakers. Obviously, this is not the case in every company but in majority companies this trend follow through. 

Health and Education

The last and not least positive thing about Canada is health and education benefits. In ME it may be available to executives only subject to facilities provided by the employer. However, in Canada everyone has basic rights regardless of status or income level. 

So, what is your motivation for Canada Immigration, comment on the blog and let us know

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