Immigration to Canada and Australia explained in 5 simple steps

Many people struggle with immigration process and finds it difficult to read so much of information or requirements mentioned on official websites. Here are five simple steps that you need to do if you intend to apply for either Canadian or Australian immigration.
Both immigration programs i.e. Canad and Australia has similar requirements with slightly different patterns or specifications. Both are explained below;
  1. Language Proficiency –¬†IELTS Score above 7 each module
  2. Education – Credentials Assessment (e.g. from WES) and Degree Attestation
  3. Professional Experience – to be provided on specified format signed by employer
  4. Police Clearance Certificate – from home country and wherever stayed more than six months
  5. Medical Clearance – from approved medical practitioners

1. Language Proficiency

You need to prove your English linguistic skills that are usually assessed by many organisations most notably by British Council. Their IELTS exam is considered one of the best and acceptable to both immigrant countries. However, for Australia you have to take Academic IELTS exam and for Canada General test is required. Minimum score required is 6 for both, but average score above or equal to 7.5 have higher success rates. Score in each module Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking should be above 7

2. Education Assessment

You need two things, First) Attestation of your degree from your university or authorized education body in your home country. List of authorized approving bodies for each type of qualification is mentioned on websites of Australia and Canada immigration & citizenship department.
Second) You need to send copies of those attested degrees to Education Assessment Authorities in Canada or Australia. For Canada you can check World Education Services WES for same. In Australia is qualification is assessed by its respective body such as CPA Australia for Accounting or related qualifications.
List of authorized assessment organizations is given on respective websites. ECA has five years validity.

3. Professional Certificate

Experience Certificate signed by employer should be on prescribed format that you can get from respective websites. It should include job description, time period of employment, annual salary etc.

4. Police Clearance

Both require police clearance from home country or country of residence or wherever you have stayed for more than six months within last 10 years or since your 18th birthday. Police Clearance certificate generally has validity of six months only. However, you should act up fast enough as it may be time taking process depending on the process in your country.

5. Medical Clearance

Medical screening is usually required during end of your application process. As it has only one year validity therefore should not be done in advance. Medical screening is done by only approved practitioners or hospitals in your country of residence. List of approved medical hospitals is available on website.
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