How CRS works – Canada Immigration (Express Entry)

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is one of the excellent tools launched by Canada Immigration. CRS tool allows you to calculate your total score along with its break up. Utilizing this you can have thorough understanding how your score is calculated and which area you need to put more emphasis on.
 Open the link Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) available on Canada Immigration website to calculate your score.

I have tried to explain break up for the CRS scoring criteria in detail. Total points are 1200 which are divided as follows;


Category Description Points
A Core Human Capital 460
B Spouse or Common Law Partner 40
C Skill Transferability 100
D Additional Points 600
Total 1200

A&B. Core Human Capital and Spouse factors          500 points

Both combined have maximum points of 500 points. They are comprised of Age, Level of Education, Official Language Proficiency, Canada Work Experience. Points against each are detailed below.
Factors Points with spouse Points without spouse
Age 100 110
Level of Education 140 150
Official Language Proficiency 150 160
Canada Work Experience 70 80
Spouse Factors
Education 10 0
Language 20 0
Canadian Work Experience 10 0

C. Skill Transferability                                                      100 Points

Factors Points
Education Max Points 50
Language + Post-Secondary Degree 50
Canadian Work Experience + Post-Secondary Degree 50
Foreign Work Experience Max Points 50
Official Language CLB + Foreign Work Experience 50
Canadian Work Experience + Foreign Work Experience 50
Certificate of Qualification Max Points 50
Official Language or Certificate of Qualification 50

Maximum numbers or points that can be accumulated for Category C – Skills Transfer is 100 points. Equal points are awarded for Work Experience (Canadian or Foreign) and English Language exams. Minimum score for English Language should be equal to CLB 7. Equivalency of various English Language exams to Canadian English standards is given the website. Exams listed on the website are CELPIP, IELTS and TEF. Score of 6.5 in IELTS is equal to CLB 7.

CLB 7 or IELTS 6.5 is the minimum score that is required to qualify. However, only IELTS score above 7 can land you in a good competitive position. Canada has two official languages i.e. English and French. You are required to have proficiency in at least of the official languages. If you don’t know French or have no proficiency in it then consider it Not Applicable while checking your CRS score or while completing your online application for Express Entry.

D. Additional Points                                                         600 Points

Additional points are awarded for either 1) Provincial Nomination or 2) Offer Letter from an employer in Canada. Maximum points that can be claimed are 600 only.

These total add up to 1200. (600 A,B,C+ 600 D). It is clear from break up that having offer letter or provincial nomination will earn you a jackpot and you can easily beat the rush of other candidates.

Rounds of Invitation

You need to check required score published on the website and if your calculated score is above or equal to the required score (announced in rounds of invitation), you will be sent an email stating Invitation to Apply (ITA). Approximately, each month there are two rounds of invitation in a month.

Follow the web link for rounds of invitation posted on Canada Immigration website. During mid October, 2016 total 1518 invitations were sent to candidates having score equal to or above 484.

After receiving ITA, you have to submit your application and comply with all requirements mentioned in the invitation letter. I will detailed ITA process in my upcoming blog.

For any query or guidance related to immigration, feel free to get in touch with me.



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