All you need to know about Express Entry – How to move to Canada and become Canadian citizen

Canadian government has launched new scheme / process for immigrants called Express Entry that was launched in January 2015. Since then thousands of candidates have been accepted into the immigrant scheme and were invited to apply for Canadian Immigration.

If you are interested in applying for Canadian immigration and has not done so, this blog may be extremely useful to you and may act as a starting point to your next destination.


Express Entry is a tool that is used to manage applications for Permanent Residency across three Federal Economic Immigration programs; (1) Federal Skills Workers Program (FSW), (2) Federal Skills Trade Program and (3) Canadian Experience Class.

In addition to these three programs, there is an additional program called Provincial Nomination under which you first have to submit manual application to your desired provincial immigration department in Canada. After obtaining your provincial nomination you have to apply for Express Entry.

Each immigration programs carries different set of requirements regarding skills, professional / trade experience, language abilities and qualification. Check requirements under each of the programs and match with your credentials; FSW, FST, and CEC.

Step-1: Determine your Eligibility

The very first and basic step in applying for immigration to Canada is to check whether you are eligible to apply. Follow the link ‘Come to Canada’ to check if you are eligible to apply.

You are supposed to simply answer few basic questions regarding your nationality, age, language ability (french / english), family structure, education, work experience and job offer.

Step-2: Find your NOC

Government of Canada has classified jobs under various skills levels according to profession and their demand in Canadian Economy. The system used to classify jobs under different skills category is called National Occupation Classification. Job categories are classified into following skills levels;

Skill Level = 0; Management Jobs,
Skills Level = A; Professional Jobs / University Graduates
Skills Level = B; Technical Jobs and Skills Trades
Skills Level = C; Intermediate / high school jobs
Skills Level = D; Labour Jobs

Step-3: Complete your Online Profile

Once you have determined your NOC (based on your past experience) and passed your initial eligibility assessment, the website prompts you to make online profile and express entry account. This account works as any other mail or job account. You need to set username and password or access code to access at later stage. All the information you provided during eligibility assessment is saved in your account.

Step-4: Express Entry Profile 

In your new account profile, now you have to select relevant programs under which you intend to apply. Once selected, few more questions will be asked that includes family ties in canada, English Language Ability (e.g IELTS score), Education Credential Assessment (ECA) (such as qualification assessed by WES), funds levels, residential address etc.

KEY NOTE: Without having education credential assessment (ECA) and Language Score, your profile for express entry is incomplete.

Once completed, you will be given a unique10 digits Express Entry Profile number (E-XXX XXX XXX) and instructions to follow.

Step-5: Canada’s Job Bank

In the instructions you will be asked to complete your account in Canada’s Job bank to activate your account. As soon as you create job bank account, within hours, your profile for express entry is activated.

KEY NOTE: Without creating your account in Job Bank, express entry profile is not activated. You are supposed to enter your unique Express Entry profile number while creating account in Job Bank that inter links with your Express Entry Profile.

Step-6: Pool of Candidates

Once you have activated your profile, your profile is automatically added to the pool of candidates who have created Express Entry Profile. You can view your total score and break up of this score in your Express Entry Profile. Score is given out of 1200 for Personal, Professional and Qualification levels. Refer How CRS – Works Canada Immigration Express Entry for details of how score is calculated.

Step-7: Rounds of Invitations

Rounds of Invitation take place on fortnightly basis in which required score is published on website. Candidates having score equal to or above published in rounds of invitations are invited to apply.


Based on your express entry profile, your score reported was 450. As per rounds of invitations published after activation of your express entry profile, score announced was 462. You will not be sent an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence. All you have to do is to wait for score to be equal to less than your own score or improve your score to match most recent published score.

Illustration -2

Now for example, in the next rounds of invitation score published was 449. You will automatically receive Invitation to Apply from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) along with set of instructions on how to apply for Permanent Residence (PR).

Now you have six months to submit all documents requested by CIC for processing PR, that includes submission of Police Certificate, Medical Assessment, ECA reports, Attested Degrees, Experience Certificates signed by employer and other forms as may be requested by CIC.


Express Entry profile is valid only for one year until you may receive Invitation To Apply. After that you have to start over your application from scratch.


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