Invitation to Apply (Express Entry – Canada Immigration)

The delight of receiving an ‘Invitation To Apply’ cannot be described in words. Those who have received ITA can relate to this joyful feeling. However, for those who are still in waiting line hoping to achieve for which they did so much struggle, this blog is a useful guide. I have tried to emphasize on majority of the tasks that need to be taken care of;

1. Do not Waste Time:

You have only 60 days to comply with instructions”
You will receive an email from Citizenship and Immigration Canada requesting you to apply for Permanent Residency. You will only be issued invitation letter if your EE profile score is above or equal to score published in rounds of invitations.
You will be given a checklist of information or documents that you have to submit online in your EE account. Further, you will be given a choice to either (1) Decline the Invitation or (2) Apply for Permanent Residence (PR). When you open your EE account, you can see an updated link for Application for Permanent Residency at the bottom.

2. Update your status

You need to update your EE account for any changes in your personal circumstances such as Marriage, Divroce, Change of Address, birth or death of a family member, job, funds etc. Your application may be rejected if at later stage CIC finds that you did not update them on timely basis regarding change in your personal circumstances.

3. Decline the Invitation

If you choose to decline invitation, then your EE profile will remain valid for the rest of the period. During next round of invitations, if you have a high score than published one, you may be given a second chance to Apply for PR until your express entry profile expires. You must choose your options wisely.

4.  Apply for Permanent Residence

If you opt for Apply for PR, then you have to submit certain documents to CIC within 60 days of receipt of ITA. In your EE profile, a separate tab can be seen for each of the documents where you can upload / attach those documents.

5. List of Documents

a. Employment Records

Employment period mentioned in your EE application should be supplicated by Employment Certificates approved by your employer. CIC requires you to submit your employment certificates in the prescribed format that depicts your Employer Name, Position or Title, Job Description, Employment Nature (Full Time or Temporary), Number of Working Hours, Annual Salary and signature and details of employer.

b. Police Certificates

How to obtain police certificates with respect to each country is mentioned on CIC website. Follow the instructions and go to nearest police station in your country of residence to obtain clearance from police that there are no criminal or civil charges filed against you.

Police Certificate is valid for three to six months only. Place of residence is any independent jurisdiction or country where you have stayed for more than six months during last 10 years from PR application date or since you turned 18 years of age.

c. Proof of means of Financial Support

Bank Statement along with details of assets or property in possession need to be provided to render evidence that you have enough financial support during your first five to six months in Canada. Limit of funds required for financial support is available in CIC website “Proof of Funds”. It increases with increase in number of family members.

For a family of one member, you need to show $12,164 funds in your account and similarly for Family of two members limit is $15143 and increase with addition of members. If you do not have sufficient funds but do have valid job offer that satisfies that you can have required funds by the time of your Landing in Canada, even then your application may be accepted.

d. Proof of Medical Exam

Only receipt for medical exams carried out by approved medical examiner need to be submitted. Your medical records / result reports are updated through online portal by the medical officer. You will be given detailed instruction by CIC and also by your medical officer what documents to upload.

List of approved panel physicians, medical hospitals / examiners is available on CIC website for each country. Medical exams are valid for one year. You have to ‘Land in Canada’ before expiry of your medical certificate.

e. Education Diploma and Degrees

Scan copies of Education Diploma and Degrees along with WES evaluation need to be uploaded. Education Degrees uploaded need not be approved by respective governing authority in your country. However, copy of degrees submitted to WES for Education Credential Assessment must be approved by respective governing body such as Higher Education Commission in Pakistan.

List of governing bodies for degree attestation is available on CIC website for each country.

f. Digital Photo


Digital photograph in prescribed size and specification and white background need to be uploaded in the space allotted for attachment. Specification are available on CIC website. It should not be older than six months.

g. Passport / Travel Documents

Scan copy of Passport indicating Name, Father Name / Husband Name, Country, Date of issuance and Date of Expiry must be submitted. No need to scan all pages of passport until instructed to do so.

h. Language Proficiency Test

Results of Language Proficiency Test such as IELTS should be submitted. Validity of IELTS results should not be later than two (2) years.

i. Fee payment for PR processing

Mandatory to pay fee for Processing of PR application that is equal to CAD $490. Subsequent to approval of PR application COPR fee or Landing Fee has to be paid before receipt of confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR).

For any guidance or related information feel free to get in touch.