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Landing in Canada – Express Entry, Canada Immigration

If it is your first time travel to Canada, after getting Permanent residence status

Many applicants for Canada Immigration confuse landing with settlement. However, these terms have entirely different meaning not only for Canada Immigrants but also grammatically.


Landing is explained on CIC website as “involving final interview with an immigration officer at port of entry or local CIC office in Canada, during which applicant becomes permanent resident. This happens when person signs Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR)”.

You can refer to the Glossary on CIC website when in doubt.


Settlement is not defined on CIC website Glossary section, may be the very reason most applicants confuse landing with settlement. However, the term settlement funds is explained instead in CIC Glossary.

Five (5) steps to Landing in Canada 

Regardless of difference between terminology used, after getting your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) you have to be in Canada with in given deadline mentioned on COPR that usually coincides with expiry date of your medical checkup i.e. one year since your medical exam was conducted.

You will be given a checklist or instructions to follow along with COPR. It is better to make separate folders for each section or requirement to manage your documents.

Step-1: Gather all your documents

The most important document is COPR that you have to carry with your before landing in Canada. You should carry your Degree Certificates, Education Credential Assessment, Marriage Certificate, IELTS results, Experience Letter, Photographs, Bank Statements, etc. Consider taking any documents that was relevant to your application of Permanent Residency.

Never forget to make photocopies. From my personal experience, none from immigration department will ask you to provide any of these documents but to be on safe side should carry them with you as you may be asked to provide any of these.

Step-2: Choose an address in Canada

At Canada airport, new comers have to go through separate counter of immigration, where you will handover your COPR and Passports / Travel document. You will be asked to provide an address within Canada where you want your Permanent Resident Card to be dispatched. This has to be a residential address and should not be of some hotel or temporary accommodation.

For those who does not have residence in Canada, you may choose any of your relatives’ or friends address for PR card to be shipped.

Short Term Stay in Canada:

PR card usually arrives in 45 to 90 days depending on the month your landed in Canada. Just in case you do not have long term stay in Canada (less than 90 days), then unfortunately the only option for you is to request your friend or relative to dispatch PR card through courier service.

However, it contains inherent risk that PR cards may be lost during transit, therefore, most shipping companies does not provide similar services, nor it is recommended by immigration office Canada.

Step-3: List of Goods to declare

You are supposed to prepare two lists, one for goods that you are taking with you at the time of your arrival and second list is for goods that you are expecting to carry in future travels. Consider mentioning maximum items on list of goods, to avoid any possible tax. Anything mentioned on the list and possessed by you before your arrival or once your become resident in Canada is tax free.

Refer Canada Border Service Agency website to know kind of goods you can bring to Canada and personal exemptions.

Step-4: Cash / Funds to Declare

After going through immigration counter, you will be asked to go to Customs Counter where you have to submit your ‘Lists of Goods to declare’. Its better to take one copy with you as you may require it in your future travels.

Cash above CAD $10,000 needs to be declared in advance to Customs department otherwise you may face trouble or inquiry by Customs, even seizure of funds by customs authority.

Step-5: Get your SIN Card and Health Card

Visit Service Center Canada to apply for SIN card and Health Card. Social Insurance Number (SIN) card is issued within five minutes. You will be given a SIN number. Keep this confidential and as your bank account and various government facilities required SIN number for processing.

For health card you need to provide proof of residence in Canada and stay over six months. Processing period for health cards is three months.

Get in touch with me for any specific query.

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