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Provincial Nomination Program of Canada Immigration requires invitation to be sent to the Province you choose to settle in. In addition to the Federal Nomination program which Express Entry, all 10 provinces namely Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan and Yukon offers provincial nomination programs.

There are two routes for you to apply for Provincial Nomination. One through Express Entry and second through sending Expression of Interest (EOI) direct to the desired province either through Paper based application or electronically.

Route 1: Express Entry 

Those who are eligible for express entry but have fairly low score compared to round of invitations may consider Provincial Nomination as an alternate option. Under Express Entry (EE) scheme, applicants are required to have an active EE profile.

All you need to know about Express Entry – Canada Immigration

Province of desired settlement must be selected in your Express Entry profile. Applicants can select or choose as many provinces as they like, even they can choose All Provinces. If they meet provincial nomination criteria, they will be sent an Invitation to Apply by the respective Province. Each province has different criteria for selection and its unique set of requirements. However, the documents or information requested remains same for each province similar to the Federal Program (i.e. Express Entry scheme).

Tip: You should meet both EE minimum criteria of Eligibility and Provincial Criteria to be nominated for Provincial Nomination.

Route 2: Expression of Interest

Applicants can submit Express of Interest to any province of their choice directly without creating EE profile. In that case they should not submit application for PNP stream through Express Entry. They have to send complete application either through online portal of respective province or manually to the province of their choice.

Immigration office of selected province will review their application and may issue Nomination Certificate if applicants meet their criteria. Copy of Nomination Certificate should then be sent to CIC for issuance and processing of Permanent Residency (PR).

Refer to the website of respective provinces for detailed requirements of how to apply to Provincial Nomination.

1. Alberta              2. British Columbia            3. Manitoba                   4. New Brunswick

5. Newfoundland and Labrador                       6.  Nova Scotia              7.  Ontario

8. Prince Edward Island                                   9. Saskatchewan            10. Yukon

In addition to provinces listed above Northwest Territories also offer Provincial Nomination. Quebec which is also one of the provinces of Canada has only French as its official language and operates completely independent of any of the Federal schemes or laws / jurisdictions.

General Criteria for PNP 

Criteria for selection of applicants varies for each province depending on following general factors;

1. Shortage of skills gap (Economic or Strategic)

2. Language preference (English or French)

3. Qualification

4. Relatives or close friends within specific province (Family support) and / or

5. Availability of sufficient funds

Watch Out For!!!


Many of the provinces of Canada have flexible requirements and may send an invitation even with low score in EE due to adverse weather conditions through out the year. Therefore, you should research first living conditions in that province before making any decision.

Conditions / Restrictions

PNP requires applicants to settle in specific province and should have settlement plan to show immigration about their intention for long term stay. According to Canada legislation every Permanent Resident has right to stay or leave any of the territory or province, therefore, you are free to go anywhere.

However, before issuance of PR, you should be able to satisfy immigration office that your intention is to settle in specific province for which you are applying.

What if you did not find job

Q: Assuming that you have every intention to settle in specific province and did so but could not find suitable job after some time??

A: In that case you can settle any of the province where you can find suitable job, regardless of the province you choose to apply for PNP. However, when applying for citizenship, you need to satisfy CIC that you did try to find job in that specific province but could not and hence the very reason you had to settle in another province.

As per the general guideline you should stay at least one year the province of your choice to find relevant job. After which you can choose to settle any other province.

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