How to notify CIC for change in circumstances

Well, in CIC own words, at any stage of the application process, candidates should notify them if there is any change in circumstances. See screenshot attachment for requirements communicate by CIC. It was when I submitted my Application for Permanent Residency (PR).


I have explained these below in detail along with my personal experience where I had to notify them about my change in marital status. Also including how to communicate with CIC.

Change in circumstances 

It includes any change in personal circumstances that may affect your application submitted with CIC. Below is a general list of change in circumstances that you may have to notify to CIC. However, this list is not comprehensive and exhaustive. You should think logically and rationally of any instances that may affect CIC decision on your application.

1. Change in marital status due to recent marriage, divorce, legal separation, annulment of death of spouse.

2. Change in family composition due to adoption or birth of child, including child born to your accompanying dependent child

3. Death of principal applicant, spouse, accompanying children, or death of sponsoring relative

4. Change in health (such as major or critical illness)

5. You or your accompanying family members being charged for criminal offence

6. Change in contact information, mailing address, email address or telephone number.

Change in marital status

I have selected only this change for further explanation as it is one of the most common change that many applicants face during application stage. As I had personal experience for this also therefore, I have tried to be more practical while writing compared to posting general content.


You were not married when you created Express Entry profile. Based on your CRS score, you hit the jackpot and got selected for PR application. Meanwhile, you were expecting your marriage may be in next couple of weeks.

However, you are not in a position to inform CIC about your marital status, because you are not officially married yet until you sign the Marriage Contract and it becomes legal.

How to notify for change

Step-1: The two extremely useful tools that applicants can utilize is Check your application status (CAS) service available on CIC website. First you need to ascertain at what stage your application is. 

Step-2: The next step would be to raise a Case Specific Enquiry (CSE) through IRCC webform. This form is used specifically for the purpose of queries or change in personal circumstances.

Note: In case your Permanent Residence application is pending with any of the processing center or embassy of Canada, then you may have to contact that embassy directly. In that case, CIC may have informed you the relevant contact or email of the respective embassy through earlier communications.

For example: when you are invited to apply for Permanent Residence or prompted to submit your passports / travel documents to nearest embassy, the contact details will be mentioned on the same instruction letter that your received from CIC.

Word of Advice

You should notify CIC about your marital status as soon as possible, once you have marriage contract or certificate available with you that is issued by legal or marriage regulatory authority in your country.

Once you have raised query with CIC through mentioned web form, you will get a reply within a week or two (may take longer due to high number of queries). You will be asked to submit documents as a proof of your marriage.


You may be required to submit following documents to prove your case. However, IRCC may require additional documents, case to case, if they consider it necessary and are not satisfied with documents submitted.

  1. Proof of PR application
  2. Marriage Certificate (English translated copy and original also)
  3. Marriage Questionnaire for Principal Applicant (PA) and spouse (Form available on CIC webite)
  4. Additional Family for Principal Applicant (PA) and spouse (Form available on CIC webite)
  5. Travel Information for Principal Applicant (PA) and spouse (Form available on CIC webite)
  6. Background Declaration for Principal Applicant (PA) and spouse (Form available on CIC webite)
  7. Travel Information for Principal Applicant (PA) and spouse (Form available on CIC webite)
  8. Police Clearance for spouse
  9. Scan copies of all pages of passport of you and spouse
  10. Medical for spouse

Proof of marriage 

Additionally, you will be asked to submit all evidence that proves that your marriage was legal and is not a scam or arranged to get PR. The evidence could be but not limited to:

  1. Wedding and honeymoon photos
  2. Receipts of wedding hall
  3. Shopping details specifically done for marriage
  4. Evidence for exchange of gifts between you and your spouse
  5. Communication details, logs, messages before and after marriage
  6. Proof of staying together after marriage (may be travel receipts, lodging or house rent agreement, passport page scan for international travel).


The very reason IRCC asks you about evidence and all proof is that many applicants conduct scam / fraud through arranging fake marriages or paid marriages to get PR or sponsor third person who is not family member.

Word of Advice

The more evidence the better it is. Try to give maximum proof that can satisfy CIC, otherwise your application may be rejected on grounds of providing false information.


Failure to disclose any of the changes listed above may lead to cancellation of your permanent resident visa and may also render you and / or your family members inadmissible to Canada.

Failure to disclose all family members, whether coming with your or not, may exclude them from sponsorship under Family Class for permanent time period.

It is less likely that you will be rejected for failure of change of your address. However, this is mandatory so that communication from CIC is not lost and safely reaches to you. It is for your own safety.

For any specific query, feel free to get in touch

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