Check your points for Australia Immigration

Minimum score required is 60 to be eligible to apply for Australia Immigration. Break up of the score is detailed below for reference purposes.  One average basis, invitations are sent to qualified candidates / applicants on twice monthly basis.
Factor Description Points
Age 18–24 years 25
25–32 years 30
33–39 years 25
40–44 years 15
45–49 years 0
English language ability


Competent English 0
Proficient English 10
Superior English 20
Skilled employment




(Max points = 20)




3 out of 5 years in last 10 years 5
5 years but less than 8 years in last 10 years 10
8 to 10 years in last 10 years 15
1 to 2 years  5
3 to 5 years 10
5 to 7 years 15
8 to 10 years 20
Qualifications Phd / Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or equivalency 20
Bachelor degree 15
Diploma or trade qualification in Australia 10
Qualification recognized by the assessing authority 10
Australian study requirement One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet the Australian study requirement 5
Specialist Education Qualification Post Graduate Degree by Research through a course or courses taken for at least two academic years at an Australian educational institution 5
Other factors Credentialed community language qualifications 5
Study in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area (excluding distance education) 5
Partner skill qualifications 5
Professional year in Australia for at least 12 months in the four years before the day you were invited to apply 5
Nomination/sponsorship (where required) Nomination by state or territory government (visa subclass 190only) 5
Nomination by state or territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to reside and work in a specified/designated area (visa subclass 489 only)


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