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Government of Canada has made changes to how points are calculated for Express Entry. As per the ministerial instructions issued in Canada Gazette, proposed changes likely to take place by 19th November 2016.

Below is a proposed summary of changes that are expected and will not only affect how CRS score is calculated but also timeline for application review and submission.

Timeline for submission and acceptance of ITA
90 days
60 days
Points for Job Offer for NOC 0011 to 0016
200 points
600 points
Points for Job Offer for all other NOC’s
50 points
600 points
Canadian Study
15 points for one to two year post-secondary
50 points for only FSTP (Trades Program) only
30 points for three years post-secondary program, master’s or Phd
50 points for only FSTP (Trades Program) only
Condition for study
Must be physically present for at least 8 months in 12 month study program
Not Applicable

Outcome of changes to Express Entry and CRS

There are following outcomes or consequences that can be understood from these decisions;

  1. More emphasis on having Provincial Nomination compared to having work permit or job offer.

  2. Foreign students in Canada are encouraged to apply as integration into Canada culture seems easy compared to those settling in first time.

  3. Students are likely to have more commitment towards finding a job in Canada and contribute towards economy.

    4. Senior Managers are encouraged to apply, possibly to meet existing gap in demand in Canada’s economy.

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