Job Hunting

Breaking Stereotypes for job hunt

If you want success in life, get inspired and walk on the footsteps of successful people

This year, I decided to spend UAE National holidays in my home country Pakistan. Though, I lost my chance to witness national day celebrations, but while coming back, I ran into one of my old pal (a senior colleague) Mubashar Ahmed.

The last time I had met him was almost three and half years back, when I was in UAE on a job hunt. We discussed and shared our struggles and present life. His side of the story inspired me a lot to share with those who are on desperate job hunting and are unable to succeed as they continue harping on the same string.


Back in 2012, he started working with one of the renowned accountancy & audit firms in Corporate Finance department. From the start of his second year of employment with audit firm, he realized there is no growth and even remuneration offered to him was not worthy of the effort he put in his job.

Almost all of the job applications sent to employers went in vain. After struggling for about two and half months, Mubashar finally he landed a job in one of the big four audit firms in Dubai. However, he was still not satisfied on the inside and was aiming for much higher reward in terms of position and salary.

Breaking the box

By the time he left his audit firm, he made contact with the Chairman of one of his previous clients. But this time, instead of pleading for job, he proposed capital structure re-financing to the Chairman, adopting which his company would be able to save at least 5 to 6% of cost of finance. On the contrary 1% of the actual savings made was agreed between him and Chairman as a reward.


Realizing potential for almost 6 to 7 million of savings due to mere re-structuring of company’s financial needs, that also without incurring any transaction cost, the Chairman offered him a position in his company. Mubashar Ahmed knew exactly what he was looking for and did not take much time to conclude. He is now working as Financial Controller in a multi-billion private conglomerate company.

What we should learn

Job applicants or candidates who are either desperately looking for career move or searching new jobs, should act out of the traditional box and follow the footsteps of successful people like Mubashar Ahmed who left his comfort zone and made a daring effort to pave his own path to success.

The reason he succeed is that he did not describe his pain to his prospective employer, rather he provided for a solution to his client’s problems.


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