NADRA goes Online

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Pakistan is now online. There is no more need to stand in long qeues and wait for hours to get your turn. All you need is access to internet and scanner to upload your documents.

Currently, NADRA is offering following services online through one of its associated websites PAK IDENTITY;

  1. New CNIC / NICOP
  2. Renew CNIC / NICOP
  3. Pakistan Origin Card (PCO)
  4. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) and
  5. Verification Services

You can apply for any of the above applications or cards by following web link

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Surprisingly and contrary to other government websites in Pakistan, PAK IDENTITY is much easier to use and user friendly. Guidelines on how to use website or upload documents such as photos and finger prints are also available on website. Service is very fast as I got my new NICOP within a week after applying.

Steps to Apply

Users or applicants are required to follow steps given below:

  1. Create New Account (generate username and password)
  2. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  3. Apply for one of the given services or applications such as NICOP or FRC
  4. Pay the requisite fee (5,500 for NIC / NICOP and 1,500 for FRC) through credit card
  5. Fill in all data online (provide existing NIC# or any other verification)
  6. Upload documents requested
  7. Upload your photos in prescribed format
  8. Print file for thumb impression and signature
  9. Upload file containing your thumb impressions and signature
  10. Submit your applicaiton and get your tracking number
  11. Wthin given time your document or card processed will be delivered at your door
  12. NADRA officials may call you for some verification

How to Pay

Payment is online through credit card only and is paid upfront before submission and completion of your application.


Hassle free, no need go NADRA Office, secured payment through credit card, option to save your data and complete later, easy access, time saving,


Difficulty in uploading photos (should be in the same prescribed sizes),

Fingerprints may be pasted wrong and may not be accepted by the system


Overall it is an excellent and commendable initiative by NADRA and website is user friendly. However, NADRA should aim to promote website and reduce number of people standing in qeue outside NADRA centers.



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