Provincial Nomination of Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is one of the smallest provinces of Canada by land and population. It has several small islands and main island with the same name as Province. It is one of the eastern province’s of Canada and one of the three Maritime Provinces.

Prince Edward Island has also been known as Father of the Canadian Crown in past. It is bordered with Nova Scotia on north and New Brunswick on east.

It has three main indsutries; (1) Agriculture, (2) Tourism and (3) Fisheries.

  1. Agriculutre is the dominant economy and source of income for locals. Potato is cash crop since ages.
  2. In fisheries, shell fish farming, lobster and oyster fishing is common.

Economy has expanded in aerospace, ICT, bio-science and renewable energy on account of innovation.

PEI Express Entry

Applicants can apply for Prince Edward Island (PEI) Express Entry through Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). Nomination through Provincial stream can add 600 points to your existing score of Express Entry.


In order to be eligible for provincial nomination through PEI Express Entry Provincial Nomination, applicants must have
1. Valid Express Entry Profile
2. Registered with Job Bank
3. Applied in one of the Federal Economic Immigration Programs i.e.
A. Federal Skilled Worker Program
B. Federal Skilled Trades Program
C. Canadian Experience Class

How to Apply

Applying for PEI Express Entry PNP is one of the easiest one. Applicants need to fill a form called Expression of Interest Form. Click to donwload Form. The form you be sent to the following email ID after filling information.
Confirmation email is sent to successful applicants to apply for Provincial Nomination. Application process is detailed in the same email.


Submitting an Expression Of Interest Form is free of charge. However, once invited to Apply for Provincial Nomination, non refundable fee of $300 is charged along with application.

Check your Application Status

After 60 days of submission your application for Provincial Nomination, applicants may enquire their application status by writing an email to File number should be mentioned in subject line of the email. Those having no file number will not be responded to emails.


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