Provincial Nomination of British Columbia

British Columbia (BC) offers Provincial Nomination through Express Entry route. Applicants need to have valid Express Entry profile, valid job bank before submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the province.


Westernmost Province of Canada located between rocky mountains and Pacific ocean.

Capital: Vancouver,

Cities: 50+


Population more than 4 million.

White: 70%, English Speaking 71%

Arabic 0.2%, West Asian 0.7%


4th Largest GDP in Canada, GDP per capita $45,430

Major Industries: Forestry, Mining, Construction, Finance and Real Estate


University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia, Vancouver Island University, Thomson Rivers University.


Express Entry applicants can earn 600 additional points for Provincial Nomination by British Columbia (BC).


Provinces such as British Columbia (BC) and Newfound Land and Labrador (NL) are part of the Express Entry scheme and also offer separate Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP).

NL is an island lies to the east coast of Canada towards Atlantic region while British Columbia is hilly area lies to west coast along Pacific Ocean. For direct link to the immigration programs offered by these provinces referred to websites of British Columbia and Newfound Land and Labrador.

Below I have tried to summarize requirements and scoring criteria for both provinces. However, key point to note is that both require Job Offer, from employer in that province, a must for Provincial Nomination.


British Columbia (BC)


[All categories require Job Offer from BC employer, except International Postgraduates].

A- Categories Offered

Various immigration categories are offered under two different schemes, (1) Skilled Immigration and (2) Express Entry. Under Skilled Immigration category, following professionals can apply

  1. Skilled Worker: Managers, professionals and skilled trade people,
  2. Health Care Professional: Physicians, registered nurses, other health care workers employed with provincial health authorities,
  3. International Graduate: Degree or diploma from Canada university
  4. International Post Graduate: Master’s or doctorate degree in natural, applied or health sciences from BC university
  5. Entry Level and Semi Skilled Workers: Workers in hospitality / tourism, food processing and long haul trucking

Under Express Entry Category all above professionals except Entry Level and Semi Skilled Workers.

B- General Requirements

1. Job Offer: 
Applicants should have full time job offer from employer in BC for all categories except, International Post graduates. Salary offered by BC employer should be equal to competitive market pay scale.

  1. Qualification:
    Applicants need to have degree / diploma in the respective field for which you have applied. Check your NOC listed on BC website
  2. Language Proficiency:
    For NOC 0 and A, no language ability certificate is required unless specifically requested. For NOC B,C,D minimum language proficiency required is CLB 4.
  3. Funds:
    PNP of BC requires applicants to have certain level of funds before their landing. This threshold limit is higher than compared to Federal Immigration (i.e. Express Entry) and are provided below
Family Income Threshold by Area of Residence
Size of Family Greater Vancouver Regional District Rest of B.C.
1 $22,140 $18,452
2 $27,562 $22,970
3 $33,885 $28,239
4 $41,140 $34,287
5 $46,661 $38,887
6 $52,625 $43,859
7 or more $58,591 $48,830