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Egglicious Breakfast @ Raju Omlet

Want to have breakfast in dubai, visit raju omlet

Believe it or not, Raju Omlet has taken the love for eggs to the point of passion. Being an eggs lover myself, last week I decided to have breakfast at Raju Omlet to satisfy my cravings.

I was accompanied by one of my friend who happens to be new in Dubai and constantly asks for new restaurants to try out. Raju Omlet has only two branches in Dubai, one in Karama and other in Al Qouz, Sheikh Zayed Road, behind Noor Islamic Bank metro station. Lucky for us that the Al Qouz branch, that I was not aware of, was nearby within 10 minutes drive from our accomodation.

Another branch is opened in Safeer Mall, Sharjah on 14th of December 2016 to cater for Sharjah public.

As I have been to Karama branch before, that was jam packed on Friday morning, not only because of number of diners waiting in the queue but also owing to limited seating capacity.  I was bit worried that we may have to wait sometime outside the restaurant. To my pleasant surprise this was not the case. Though there was rush of customers, but dining place was spacious enough to cater, contrary to Karama branch.

The egg-stall Concept

According to the article published in Gulf News on April 2016, ‘Rajiv Meherish, director owner of the ‘Raju Omlet’ got the idea of street style restaurant while he stopped by an omlette stall in India. The original idea was to cater Indian diners in Dubai, however, it became famous for various other nationalities as well including European, Arabic and Emarati.

Creativity and Street Art

Apart from the taste of food, we became fond of ambiance and creative art. The moment we occupied our table, we kept on admiring the concept, ingenuity and touch of indian street style. The whole restaurant is set in a ‘station styled theme’. One side of the walls is decorated with graffiti containing a large potrait of Amitha Bachan besides a small painting of man, apparently ‘Raju’, making omelettes on a street stall.

At another side of the wall, antique phone and fax machine are affixed along with a steel frame bolted on the wall titled as “Public Call Office”.

Eggy Slogans

Rest of the walls in restaurant are engrossed with funny and intuitive catchphrases. Among the eye catching are “Don’t put all your eggs in one basekt”, “Laid yesterday and made today” and eggy caricatures typifying ‘Eggsecutive Committee’.

If you happen to be sitting by the corner table, just expect to be amused by mirthful anecdote stating, “Laying Eggs, just wait”. In another corner, you can find egg-cyclopedia, where you can find useful information on health benefits of eggs.

What’s on the Menu

The menu features more than 50 different varieties of omelettes, egg rolls and egg gravies, served with options of Paratha, Bombay Pav or Rice and Chai or fresh juices. Omelets are served mixed with different spices and ingredients to render a unique sapidness for each menu item.

Power Omlet, Cheese Masala Omlet  and Reshmi Cheese Egg roll are far-famed and mouth savoring.

Chai or tea is brewed in five different flavors of pudina (mint), karak (strong), elaichi (cardamom), adrak (ginger) and kesar (saffron). On a hot summer day, you can try Jeera Chass (chilled butter milk filled with jeera powder), to simmer down thirst.

Prices & Service

Prices are average and ranges from dh 11 to dh 23 depending also on serving with Paratha or Rice. On average it costs approximately dh 50 for two persons.

Service is commendable and staff is friendly, all dressed resembling eggs, wearing white shirts and yellow trousers.

What we expect More?

It has only two branches in Dubai and one in Sharjah. Expanding in other geographical areas such as Northern Emirates and rest of Dubai may provide convenient access to those residing in other areas of Dubai and other Emirates such as Abu Dahbi and Ajman.

One possible option is franchising.

Though, already famous with scores of people visiting every weekend, such a fine restaurant needs more marketing and branding. There should be promotion coupon / buy one get vouchers to boost sales and spread the word to egg-lovers.


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  1. Super happy to see this wonderful post about our restaurant! We were so eggcited that we shared it on our official @RajuOmlet Facebook Fan Page!

    Indeed, the restaurant has a huge potential to reach more egg-lovers and we have not yet scratched the surface of marketing/branding yet! We are working hard in the background to bring this to life soon!

    Big thanks for your huge contribution to the Raju Omlet success story! #RajuOmlet


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