Provincial Nomination of Saskatchewan

A- Introduction

Saskatchewan province is the only province in Canada that does not have natural boundary and lies west-center of Canada. Almost 10% of its area is covered with fresh water lakes and rivers.

A-1: Geography

Saskatchewan shares its borders with U.S states, Montana and North Dakota to the south and with Alberta on west and Manitoba to the east. Saskatoon is largest city and metropolitan area of the province while Regina is capital and economic hub.

A-2: Climate

The province has comparatively hot summer and receives more sunshine than any other province. Highest temperature recorded is 27 c in Maple Creek in July while lowest temperature dropped to minimum of -13 c in January.

A-3: Demographics

As per 2011 census, largest ethnic group is German (28%), followed by English (24%), Scottish (18.9%), and Canadian (18%)

A-4: Economy

Once agriculture, forestry, and fishing was the major source of income which now reduced to 6% due to diversification into other sectors such as Finance, Insurance, Real Estate making up 19% of economy followed by mining and petroleum 13%.

GDP per capita is C$ 70,654, ranked 4th among all provinces of Canada.

A-5: Education

Education sector constitutes 12% of total economy, as proportion of GDP. Among renowned colleges / universities are University of Saskatchewan, First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina, Sask Poly Tech, Cumberland and Luther College.

B- Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)

SINP offers provincial nomination and Canada immigration through three different streams and applications are invited from below mentioned categories;

  1. International Skilled Workers category _ for international skilled workers
  2. Saskatchewan Experience category _ for those foreing nationals living in province
  3. Entrepreneur and Farm category  _ who wants to invest in business or operate farm

Each category has sub categories that are explained in detail below.

B-1: Threshold for Invitations

Fixed number of candidates are invited each year for which quota is decided by the provincial government every year. See below for year 2016 quota and follow Saskatchewan Government website for recent updates.

Category: International Skilled Workers
Sub Category Quota Number of invites
With employment offer



Express Entry



Occupations in Demand



Category: Saskatchewan Experience
Existing work permits and health professionals






Hospitality Workers



Long Haul Truck Drivers



Category: Entrepreneur and Farmers




EOI pool


B-2: Category: International Skilled Workers (ISW)

There are three more sub categories under International Skilled Workers that are

(1) ISW with Employment Offer

(2) ISW Occupations in Demand

(3) ISW Express Entry

Eligibility criteria for each of the sub-categories is detailed as under. Minimum score of 60 out of 100 is required to qualify for any stream.

Refer below section B-3: Assessment Grid to know more details on how score is calculated.  
Eligibility Criteria Employment Offer Occupations in Demand Express Entry
Total Score 100 100 100
Minimum Score to qualify 60 60 60
Education N.A Post -secondary or equivalent Post -secondary or equivalent
Work Experience 1 in past 10 years 1 in past 10 years for In Demand Occupations Either of;

–    1 year in past 10 years in skilled non trade profession

–    2 years in skilled trade in past 5 years

–    12 months in Canada in past 3 years; trades and non- trades

Minimum Language Score CLB 4 CLB 4 N.A
Occupation License if occupation is regulated

(see website)

if occupation is regulated

(see website)

NOC Code For NOC 0, A, or B or designated trade For NOC 0, A, or B or designated trade For NOC 0, A, or B or designated trade
Job Offer Required N.A N.A
Exceptions –    Food / Beverages persons should apply under sub category Hospitality Sector Project;

–    Health professionals should apply under sub category Health Professionals

–    Refugee Claimants

–    Food / Beverages persons should apply under sub category Hospitality Sector Project;

–    Health professionals should apply under sub category Health Professionals

–    Refugee Claimants

–    Food / Beverages persons should apply under sub category Hospitality Sector Project;

–    Health professionals should apply under sub category Health Professionals

–    Refugee Claimants

Funds N.A N.A Required along with settlement plan
Express Entry Profile N.A N.A Valid with active Job Seeker validation Code

B-3: Assessment Grid

Labour Market Success Factor (Factor-I)
A: Education & Training Score
Master’s or Phd 23
University Bachelor’s (min 3 years) 20
Trade Certification (approved by SATCC) 20
Minimum 2 years degree or diploma 15
One year degree or diploma 12
B: Skilled Work Experience
1 to 5 Years slab Max points=10
5 years 10
4 years 8
3 years 6
2 years 4
1 years 2
6 to 10 years slab Max points=5
10 years 5
9 years 4
8 years 3
6-7 years 2
Less than 6 years 0
C: Language Ability
CLB 8 and above 20
CLB 7 18
CLB 6 16
CLB 5 14
CLB 4 12
Less than CLB 4 0
D: AGE  
Less than 18 years 0
18-21 years 8
22-34 years 12
35-45 years 10
46-50 years 8
Above 50 years 0
Connection to Province and Adaptability (Factor-II)
Employment Offer from employer in Saskatchewan 30
Close family relative in province

(relative must be citizen or resident and can be blood relative, step-family or inlaws)

Past Work Experience in province

(minimum 12 months in last 5 years)

Past Student in province

(one full academic year)

Passing Score 60

B-4: Category: Saskatchewan Experience

Saskatchewan Experience category is further sub divided into five (5) sub-categories that are;

  1. Existing Work Permit
  2. Health Professionals
  3. Hospitality Sector project
  4. Long Haul Truck Driver Project and
  5. Students

Eligibility criteria against each of the sub categories is mentioned in the table below.

Eligibility Criteria Existing Work Permit Health Professionals Hospitality Sector Long Haul Truck Driver Students
General Requirements Working in province for at least 6 months For physician, nurses, or other health professionals Working in province on temporary work permit Working in province on temporary work permit for last 6 months Students who graduated from post-secondary education institute in Canada
Job Offer Full time from employer in same province

NOC A,B or 0 or designated trade

Full time, temporary work permit for last six months Working for SINP approved employer for last 6 months Full time offer from SINP approved trucking firm Permanent, full time job offer from employer in field of study
Work Permit Must have valid SINP job approval letter

Worked at least 6 months with valid job offer issued by IRCC, in same position

Valid work permit from IRCC,

For other health professionals must be in NOC, A,B or 0

Have full time job offer from Sask Regional health authority,

Cancer agency or other public health authority

Valid job offer from IRCC in one of following NOC

Food & Beverages (NOC 6453),

Food Counter Attendant / Kitchen helper (NOC 6641)

Housekeeping / Cleaning staff (NOC 6661)

Work permit to be approved by IRCC and based on LMIA Worked minimum 6 months of paid employment in Sask

Eligible types of work includes on-campus, off-campus, Co-opt terms, graduate fellow ship and post-graduate work permit

Language Ability Min CLB 4 if NOC C CLB 4 if NOC C CLB 4 in all modules CLB 4 in all modules CLB 4 if NOC C
License / NOC code If required by regulatory body of occupation Must have license from Sask health authority

For physicians Letter of support from college of physicians

Your employer must send settlement plan to SINP Class 1 A driver’s license NOC A,B, 0 or designated trade
Education N.A One academic year of post -secondary education for other professionals At least grade 12 N.A Certificate, diploma or degree from province

B-5: Category: Entrepreneur Immigration

Candidates meeting minimum criteria (see below) should send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to SINP. Candidates or investors are selected from the pool of other applicants and invited to apply for immigration. Investors are supposed to provide Business Plan once invited that should match details of business mentioned in EOI.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Net Business and Personal Assets should be minimum CAD 500,000
  2. Should have minimum 3 years experience in past 10 years
  3. Intention to invest minimum CAD 300,000 in Regina and Saskatoon or minimum CAD 200,000 in other cities.

B-5: Category: Farm Owner and Operator

Minimum net worth of CAD 500,000

  1. Must sign Performance Agreement
  2. Good faith refundable deposit of CAD 75,000 must be deposited
  3. Exploratory visit of at least 5 days and meeting with SINP is mandatory
  4. Submit a well thought out proposal and commercial plan
  5. Must demonstrate proven experience and training in farming

C- How to Apply

All applications are accepted online that requires creating a user account on SINP website. Follow the link Apply for Sask Immigration  to create user account.

Submit all details online and upload relevant documents requested. Check application processing times on SINP webiste; Processing Times.

Send an email to or call (306) 798-7467 to know your status of application.

Feel free to contact for advice related to Canada Immigration


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