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Six long weekends in UAE

six long weekends in year 2017

Government of Abu Dahbi has announced public holidays in United Arab Emirates. Yet again similar to what was in year 2015, there is an expected at least six (6) long weekends owing to announced holidays.

Dates for first day of Ramadan and Hajj season are subject to moon sighting, so also for Eid Holidays. However, nonetheless, both Eid holidays are expected to bring long weekends in year 2017.

Long weekends are big delight for employed persons and for businesspersons as well. Familiarize yourself with table below and plan your weekend trips well in advance.

Sr. # Significance Date Day Holidays Duration Weekend
1 New Year January, 01 Sunday 1 Long
2 Israa Miraj April, 24 Monday 1
3 Ramdan First Day Subject to moon sighting
4 Eid Al Fitr June, 25 Sunday 3 Long
5 Hajj Season Subject to moon sighting
6 Arafat Day August, 31 Thursday 1 Long
7 Eid Al Adha September, 01 Friday 3 Long
8 New Year Islamic September, 22 Friday 1
9 Martyr’s Day November, 30 Thursday 1 Long
10 Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday November, 30 Thursday 1 Long
11 UAE Natioanl Day December, 02 Saturday 2

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