Free books and practice questions for IELTS

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As I have established in my previous blogs that your IELTS score holds the key to successful immigration, be it Canada or Australia. Here, I would re-iterate same that keeping everything else constant, the only thing that can change your fate is your IELTS score.

Ideally, you should be able to get at least CLB 8 or 9. Translating CLB 9 into IELTS score means score of each module should look like Speaking = 7, Listening = 8, Reading = 7-7.5, Writing =7.  Follow the link to convert your IELTS score into CLB. {Convert IELTS score into CLB}

Introduction to IELTS

IELTS stand for International English Language Testing System, is accepted by English speaking countries, to measure English language proficiency in four domains i.e. Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening.

IELTS exams are administered by British Council and exam centers are located across 1,100 locations worldwide. IELTS is usually required by Universities for international students, immigration and employers, each require specific score to qualify.

IELTS exams are available in two formats, General Training and Academic. As the name suggests General Training is required for job applicants or professionals while Academic version of IELTS is usually accepted by Universities and educational institutes.

IELTS General or Academic

Many candidates get confused which version of IELTS to undertake for Canada Immigration. The answer is not only available on CIC website but also on IELTS website under immigration tab. Click here to know more.

For Canada Immigration IELTS General Training module is required while for Australia Immigration, IELTS Academic module is required unless specifically stated for some qualifications.

How to prepare for IELTS

Cambridge study material is available for preparation of IELTS. Cambridge books from Part 1 to 8 are available free of cost.  The latest version Part-9 is available for a minimal fee on British Council website and bookstores. British Council also offers interactive online lectures and paid classes.

Word of Advice

Many candidates fail to obtain immigration only because they were not prepared well for IELTS and usually have to re-appear for IELTS exams costing them money and time. As they say ‘failing to prepare is prepare to fail’, so should focus on getting desirable score in IELTS exams.

According to one study, even English speakers fail to get enough score in IELTS just because of lack of preparation. If you intend to apply for immigration or seeking university admission, then you should prepare well for all books 1 to 9. The more you practice, more you have chances for high score.


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