Job Hunting

Job hunting resources for new comers to Canada

List of recruiter websites for canada

Employment search in Canada

Obtaining Canadian immigration is no easy task and even more daunting is breaking ties with your homeland and mingling into new culture. Landing job into your career of choice is the toughest part and is the key factor that can ease your settlement. On an average, it takes 3 to 5 months, for expatriates to find a job in Canada, however, many worst cases have also been heard where some people could not find relevant job for one year or even more.

Getting recognition and acceptance in a culture that is unknown to you become excruciating when one is not able to find job to fund personal and family expenditures. Many people switch careers to blue collar jobs for fear of losing out of money.

Useful websites for job hunting

I have summarized below websites that may be extremely helpful in not only searching jobs in Canada but also websites for self employed persons while few websites render information about labor market and salary levels in industry.

Websites Website Link
Career Edge

[Career Search Website]

Access Employment




[Career Search Website]

Indeed[Career Search Website] Indeed Publisher
Job Bank

[Career Search Website by Govt. of Canada]

Ontario Labour Market

[Ontario Govt Website]

Ontario Labour Market

[Ontario Govt Website]

Ontario Immigration

[Ontario Govt Website for immigrants]

Professional Network of Immigrants

[Networking website for new immigrants]

Ontario Canada

[Ontario Govt Website for immigrants]

Routes to Employment

[Career Search Website]

Salary Expert

[Provides Salary Surveys]

Wow Jobs

[Career Search Website]

Ontario Immigration

[Ontario Govt Website]


[Career Search Website]

Job Hero

[Career Search Website]


[database of resume templates]

Glass Door

[Career Search Website]

Giga Jobs

[Career Search Website]


[Career Search Website]


[Career Search Website]



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