Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

To address the labor shortage in four Atlantic provinces i.e. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfound Land and Labrador, Canada Immigration & Citizenship (CIC) has initiated Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. The program is expected to start first week of March 2017. Below are salient features of Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

1. Employer-Driven

The AIP program is employer-driven which means employers in these provinces are given resources and opportunities to recruit skilled workers and international graduates from outside Canada. Candidates offered full time employment by those employers can then apply for Permanent Residency (PR) through Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) scheme.

2. Composition

AIP offers three programs two for skilled workers and one for international graduates;

  1. Atlantic High Skilled Program
  2. Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program
  3. Atlantic International Graduate Program

3. Eligibility

Each program has its own eligibility requirement;

3.1 Work Experience

International Graduates – No work experience is required

Skilled Workers – One year within last three years (1560 hours total or 30 hours per week). It can be full time, non continuous, or part time as long as it adds to 1560 hours

  1. Work must be paid (voluntary work or unpaid internships are not acceptable)
  2. NOC 0, A,B, or C
  3. In one occupation
  4. Can be with multiple employers
  5. Work can be either outside or inside Canada

3.2 Education

International Graduates

  1. Minimum Two years diploma, degree or certificate or trade apprenticeship from recognized institute.
  2. Full time student in Canada for two years
  3. Apply within 12 months of graduation
  4. Spent 16 months out of 24 months in Atlantic province before graduation date
  5. Must have valid work permit or visa to study or train in Canada
  6. Exceptions; English or French language programs more than half of the program OR distance learning for more than half of the program length  

Skilled Workers – Canadian Secondary (high school) or post-secondary diploma, degree or certificate Or Assessed by Education Credential Assessment (ECA) as equal to Canadian Secondary or Post-secondary within past five years.

3.2 Job Offer

Must have job offer from designated employer in Atlantic provinces that is non-seasonal and be in following NOC;

  1. International Graduates –  NOC 0,A, B or C and atleast for one year contract
  2. Skilled Workers – NOC 0,A or B and minimum for one year contract
  3. Skilled Workers (Intermediate) – NOC 0,A, B or C and indeterminate or Permanent

Employer does not need to be approved for Labour Market Impact Assessment.

3.3 Language

CLB 4 in English from approved testing center within last two years

3.4 Proof of Funds

Must show proof of funds unless have valid work permit

Family Members Funds Required (CAD)


$ 3075


$ 3828


$ 4706


$ 5714


$ 6481


$ 7309

07 or plus

$ 8138

Settlement Plan

Must contact settlement service provider to obtain needs assessment for settlement.

Useful resources & links

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