World’s First Rotating Tower |Generation 4D

Imagine having a 4D view of the city from your house. This may sound similar to dream as of now but Dynamic Architecture Group is determined to turn that dream into reality. This time they have chosen Dubai to bring revolution in building architecture.


Architecture and construction in Dubai has always been fascinating and eye catching. However, the vision of its leaders has elevated it to the level of fantasy for rest of the world.

Recognizing their fervor and potential for record-breaking architecture, David Fisher unveiled his dream of building pre-fabricated skyscraper that will rotate 360 degree.

The 80 story building, named Dynamic Tower is expected to be built in year 2020 ahead of Dubai Expo. However, details of its location and project start  date are not confirmed yet.

All the units of the building can be customized for its unique view of the city and rotates independently. However, customization may come with heavy-price of US$30 million.


The National News Paper, UAE [published on 20-02-2017];

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