Amazing sites that make you think visit Canada

Canada is the second largest country and highly attractive not only to immigrants but also for tourists because of its beautiful architecture, rich cultural heritage, peaceful life, waterfalls, arctic terrains, snow mountains and various historic and natural sites.

Canada is considered one of the best places to live in with respect to quality of life, peace and pleasure it offers, employment opportunties, world renowned universities. Canada promotes multiculturalism and invites people from all religious beliefs and cultural background.  Here is the top-12 travel sites that will either make you think to visit Canada or make it permanent home of choice.

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#1- Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains, Alberta

In the province of Alberta, there lies Banff national park in the centre of splendid stony mountains which present the beauty of Canada. Snow-capped peaks, glaciers and turquoise green lakes are easy to go from Banff national park. Lake louiseis the gem of park in which the nearby mountains are reflected by the transparent green water. The Ice Field Parkway is memorable drive that runs from Lake Louise to Jasper. Accommodation facility, shopping and food items are easily available in the charming town of Banff in the south end.

#2- Toronto’s CN Tower, Ontario

2. Lake Ontario

In Canada, on the coast of Lake Ontario, lies the ionic CN Tower which is the most charming landmark. This 553 meters tall tower is one of the highest structures on earth. The 360 meters revolving restaurant is most attractive view for visitors of enjoying meals. It can be viewed from a distance. Tower have glass floor and look out for enjoying beautiful scenes of city and lake. Dissimilar colours brighten the tower at night.

#3- Niagara Falls, Ontario

Each year millions of visitors move towards the most prominent natural magnetism, Niagara Falls in Canada. It is located at a one hour distance from Toronto. These enormous falls go down about fifty seven meters by the side of American border. From the top people can enjoy this amazing falls from close distance.

#4- Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

The Neo-Gothic approach Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is located at Ottawa River; build in the last half of 19th century. The attractive peace tower divides the Senate and House of Commons on each side. Centennial flame is in front of the parliament and on the back side is the lovely sculpture garden. A beautiful walk runs along the Ottawa River, beneath the Parliament Hill.

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 #5- Old Montreal

The lovely Montreal is a lively up to date city. The Rue Bonsecours, Marche Bonsecours, Notre-Dame Basilica, Place Jacques-Cartier and City Hall of 1870s are must see places in old Montreal

#6- Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

Canada’s most unique visitors’ attraction is Polar Bears of Churchill, landing out onto the ice in Hudson Bay in the neighbourhood of Churchill, Manitoba. People come in tundra buggies having caged windows to see the bears directly. Most important time to visit is October or November.

 #7- Whistler7. Whistler.jpg

Whistler is the ski resort and village. Whistler is an important spot for sports in winter. In summer people enjoy golf and mountain biking. This stunning town was selected for Winter Olympic Games in 2010. Beautiful mountains make it more attractive.

#8- St. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site

Signal Hill National Historic Site is located at the entrance to St. John’s Harbor. The first wireless transatlantic signal was received here in1901.the Cabot Tower is the attractive location of Signal Hill. Tourists can spend lovely and memorable moments here.

#9- Bay of Fundy

Bay of Fundy is situated between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, in Eastern Canada. Bay of Fundy is considered as natural wonder. Grand Manan Island, Fundy Trail Parkway,   Hopewell Cape, Fundy National Park are the attractive sites along the Bay of Fundy having cliffs and rock.

9. Bay of Fundy

#10- Victoria’s Inners

Victoria’s Inner Harbour is a great place for watching street performers, strolling, soothing, shopping and dining. Empress Hotel is the historic place and showpiece of this lovely region. During summer season visitors love to visit this beautiful place.

#11- Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park of Newfoundland is not easy to get like other national parks of Canada but yet an attraction for the tourists. It’s a beautiful site for ski touring in winter. This park includes waterfalls and glaciers. People visit this beautiful site by boats also and this is good for hiking too.

#12- Vancouver’s Stanley Park

Hectare Stanley Park, Vancouver’s most beautiful place is located on the west side of the downtown area. Vancouver’s Stanley Park is bounded by the acean , cedar and Douglas fir trees. For walkers and bikers there are fine path for jogging and biking.

The Vancouver Aquarium, scenic Beaver Lake, and the Stanley Park Pavilion and Rose Garden are located in this park. Numerous totem poles are unique attraction for visitors.

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