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Schengen comprise 26 European states that have collaborated together to eradictae border controls to promote travel and tourism and boost Schengen economy. Single visa is required for travelling and border crossing 26 states.

We have selected 31 sites among 10 counties that you should never miss or must have in your bucket list. 


#1.1 – Volcanic Geyser

As Iceland is the place comprising of the volcanic surface, visitors can travel to   Strokkur, regarded as a fountain geyser located in the southwest of Iceland. It is one of the amazing sights beside the  Hvítá River. Visitors willing to visit more such wonders can travel to Haukadalur.


#1.2 – Whale Watching

One of the most eye-catching views of Iceland is the rare opportunity of whale watching in Reykjavík.Visitors can have a glimpse of this amazing creatures if they visit from Mat to September. Moreover one can enjoy especial whale meat dishes in the nearby restaurant.

#1.3 – Landmannalaugar

Throughout a year and especially in summer, the incredible destination for visitors is vivid and vibrant place of Landmannalaugar. One can have a sensation of looking different planets in one place. To enjoy the sight Hiking and horse riding can serve as the best activities.             

#2 – Finland

#2.1 – LapLand      

Levi serves as a dreamland for those fond of exploring the wonders of nature. It is situated in Finnish Lapland. Along with bars and clubs, ice fishing and outdoor saunas are the rare opportunities, which visitors can find nowhere.

Findland Tampere

#2.2 – Tampere

Despite being a 3rd largest city in the country, it is not a vast metropolitan area yet. The fashionable Särkänniemi Adventure Park located on the border of downtown presents the multiple sites like a museum of art, aquarium, zoo, and a planetarium. One can have a view of forests and lakes from here.

#2.3 – Kemi

Three stories snow castle in Kemi is not only famous for a visit but, is used for musical concerts and marriages ceremonies. Even hotel in the area is also made of snow where tourists can enjoy miraculous moments of life.

#3 – Switzerland

#3.1 – The Matterhorn

Located near the border of Italy, Matterhorn is sharp peak of Alp mountain. At the bottom of this impressive peak, there is the fascinating town of Zermatt, which is the best international option where one can enjoy the horse-drawn carriage rides, best hotels, and top-class restaurants. To protect the air excellence and serene ambiance, mechanical vehicles are prohibited in the village.

SwitzerLand The Matterhorn

#3.2 – St. Moritz

Transparent lakes, glaciers, sharp peaks, alpine forests, and lots of sunshine craft St. Moritz one of the world’s best peak destinations. Lavish hotels and expensive restaurants are of same level at this smart resort city, which has the honour of hosting of two winter Olympics. In the summer season, the activities of mountain climbing, biking, and water sports flourish. Glacier skiing is also offered in the summer.

#3.3 – Bern

In a dazzling scene, hanging on a peninsula of the River Aare, Bern exudes old world magnetism. Bern boasts countless exceptional museums, and art-lovers will be grateful for the striking galleries, including the Zentrum Paul Klee, the world’s leading compilation of works by this renowned artist, and the Bern Museum of Art (Kunstmuseum).

#4 – France

#4.1 – Chamonix-Mont-BlancFrance Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

The awe-inspiring scene of Mont Blanc in the French Alps is an remarkable spectacle. The utmost mountain top in Europe, Mont Blanc makes a division of the French border with Italy. Underneath is the customary alpine township of Chamonix. This old-fashioned small town is packed with significant churches, welcoming restaurants. Chamonix is a grand base for skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, and just relaxing.

#4.2 – Alsace Villages

A few of the prettiest villages in France are combined in the green gently sloping hills of Alsace, where Mountains of the Vosges form the boundary of Rhine River of Germany. Colmar serves as  a good foundation to look at the Alsatian villages and adjacent natural world trails.

#4.3 – Brittany

Brittany is a dazzling significant area on the north-eastern coastline of France. Rough seashore scenery, picturesque fishing villages, and weathered sea ports typify this area. Brittany is considered superior of its prehistoric traditions and prominent for its costumed sacred festivals. It is also a mystic land of folklore and myths.

#5 –  Greece

Greece Lindos

#5.1 – Lindos

A medieval village on the island of Rhodes is made up with connections of streets in the middle of whitewashed houses. Over the town rises the acropolis of Lindos, present impressive views of the adjoining harbours and seashore. Lindos coast and Saint Pauls shore are located at a short distance from the town midpoint.

#5.2 – Mystras

Located near ancient Sparta, in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Mystras served as the capital of Peloponnesus.It was ruled by family members of the Byzantine emperor. It was populated during the

Greece Mount AthosOttoman period but was deserted in 1832, leaving behind only the awe-inspiring medieval ruins, position in an attractive landscape.

#5.3 – Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a self-governing state under Greek autonomy. Surprisingly, in this fairyland only males are permitted to enter in the area

 #6 – Malta

#6.1 – Valletta: Malta’s Elegant Capital

A tactically significant seaport, this well-prepared city is the graceful capital of the Republic of Malta. The whole metropolis of Valletta is witness to the dignity of the Knights of Malta. Tourists can find the way to this small city without any problems that is surrounded by two harbours, the Grand Harbor and Marsamxett Harbor.

#6.2 – Blue Lagoon, Island of Comino: Nature’s Perfect Swimming Pool

A startling natural world site, the Blue Lagoon is a fascinating view of transparent turquoise waters. It has minute seashore with umbrellas and seats available for rent. During hot season, this coast is frequently filled by 10:30am so it is finest to reach your destination early.

Malta Blue Lagoon.jpg

#6.3 – Siggiewi, Island of Malta: A Traditional Maltese Village

From the month of May to October, Siggiewi hosts the Maltese legends nights at the Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens. This multi-coloured occasion pays acknowledgment to the cultural legacy of Malta . Folklore dance performances, lively music, and delicious Maltese cuisine serve the tourists.

#6.4 – The Blue Grotto, Island of Malta

One can approach to The Blue Grotto by a zigzag road on a rock face, far above the ground of the Mediterranean Sea. The fantastic coastal landscape offers a thrilling introduction to the natural world.

Malta The Blue Grotto.jpg

#7 – Netherland

#7.1 – Amsterdam’s Canals

Another illustrious city built on water Like Venice, is  Amsterdam .Despite wonderful canals of the city , museums and art galleries are easily accessed by boat tour or water taxi by the tourists.

Netherland Amsterdam's Canals.jpg

#7.2 – The Windmills of Kinderdijk

Located on the River Noord between Rotterdam and Dordrecht is the eminent village of Kinderdijk, these splendid buildings with their extraordinary 92-foot sails are accessible open to tourists from the month of April to October. It also includes unique Mill Days while the sails are set in movement.

#7.3 – Historic Valkenburg

An amazing sight for those who are in search of little ancient history, the Netherlands serves the purpose well with its ancient attractions.

#8 – Luxembourg

#8.1 – The Old Quarter, Luxembourg City

There’s no superior set to take start on exploring beautiful Luxembourg City than the historic ancient Quarter. It is an immense place to spend time exploring many bridges. Amazingly, without a map – now follow your nose.

#8.2 – Walferdange and its Castle

Located at the doorway to the Grunewald Wood, it is one of the Luxembourg’s major visitor‘s routes. Along with its enormous views, the village is popular for its roses and archaeological place including a Roman villa and an underground channel.

Luxembourg The Walls of the Corniche

#8.3 – The Walls of the Corniche

The fabulous fortifications of the Corniche in Luxembourg City are regarded the most striking terrace in Europe. They look like towers, towering over the ancient city in the river valley underneath.

#9 – Portugal

#9.1 – Monastery of Alcobaca

Demonstrating the influx of Gothic in Portugal, not only is  cosmic, elevated and profoundly decorative, but also full with bawdy , Monastery accounts of medieval ascetic dissipation and depressing stories of imperial star-crossed lovers.

#9.2 – MonsarazPortugal Monsaraz .jpg

Monsaraz is definitely the situate to let you inhale in the actually medieval Portugal. Seeing  on top of the River Guardiana, the minute Middle Age walled municipality is considered as one of the most atmospheric places of Alentejo. The massive castle keeps a wary eye on the Spaniards in the distance and the cobbled narrow lanes and low-rise old houses dotted with ambient hideaways guarantee a carefree wine glass.

#10 – Spain

#10.1 – Pamplona

Pamplona is a city in Navarra, famous for its San Fermín festival held each year from July 6th – 14th. The terrible and amazing  festival of bull running is arranged in the heart of the f El Encierro.In this festival people run as a fun before many bulls in the streets of the town .It is a symbolic festival of Spain.

#10.2 – Aqueduct of Segovia

An Aqueduct of Segovia is the best-protected  monuments,refreshing the memories of Romans in Spain. The prehistoric channel carries water 16 km from the Frío River to Segovia.

Spain Aqueduct of Segovia

#10.3 – Ibiza

Ibiza , is the  wonderful Balearic Islands located  in the Mediterranean Sea, at a distance from the coast of  Spain. The island is considered one of the most admired social gathering destinations in all of Europe. In summer, the island’s inhabitants becomes a double, because tourists form a group to Ibiza to take pleasure in the night clubs, seashore bars and restaurants.

#10.4 – Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is a great Roman Catholic church located  in Barcelona, is  one of the most visited visitor attraction of   Spain. It was planned  by Antoni Gaudí, an architect from Catalan who  spent 40 years in  workeng on this mission for till  his death in 1926. Its construction started in 1882 and not completed yet.

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