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Students and industry professionals seeking foreign jobs should consult overseas employment promoters for higher chances of success.

Employment promoters are individuals, organizations or entities whether private or public helping to grasp, promote and recruit the manpower (skilled or non-skilled) at various locations. These might include the usual Head Hunting (Human Resource-HR) or other recruitment agents. The scope of recruitment or hiring however does vary depending the demands and role needs.

This article will only focus Employment Promoters that licensed under Federal Government of Pakistan for overseas.

What are Overseas Employment Promoters

Overseas employment Promoters (OEP) play a pivotal role to relief the burden of the local job market and also utilize the human capital under the umbrella of Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment. These entities act as a middle-man between two Foreign Offices of the two countries (Demand Generator and the Supplier Country). Generally these are well-averse of the demand in foreign land and the relevant skilled workers at the home country.

Under the legal frame work of Emigration Ordinance & Rule, 1979, these OEP are granted licenses to operate and conduct the employment based on the demands of the overseas market. These are liable to have a proper Office and display the job advertisements after the approval from Protector of Emigration.

List of Employment Promoters

At the moment there are more than 2000 licensed OEPs operating from various metropolis that cover broadly Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Government of Pakistan has provided comprehensive list of overseas employment agents who hire specifically for abroad / foreign jobs. Follow the link Overseas Employment Promoters to check whether your employment agent is registered and active or not.

 To avoid risk of fraud, conduct business only with those agents who are active and approved by Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment.

Benefits for the Job Seekers

The jobseekers in Pakistan, can visit the Offices of these OEPs or inquire by calling them about the jobs available with them or refer the leading national newspapers. Job seekers should also take care about certain things like verifying that license of the OEP is valid, there is Protection i.e. Foreign Service Agreement between individual & OEP, Valid demand, terms & conditions and Payment receipt from the OEP.

Job seekers can benefit in certain aspects such as:

  • Validity and Originality of the job and demand
  • Trust on Enterprise (Licensed entity)
  • Emigrant Protection and Insurance
  • Good income and remittance
  • Complaints (if needed against OEP)
  • Further Referrals

One can refer to the following link to know more about the performance of the OEPs in terms of Man Power sent abroad. (


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