Do not fall in trap of fake consultants, ask if they have valid practicing license.

We have partnered with immigration agents who are approved by IRCC, MARA and UKVI for Canada, Australia and UK immigration, respectively. As an affiliate agent we strive our best to serve the needs of both agents and referrals. By choosing us to act and mediate on your behalf, you can be assured of adherence to quality and timely delivery of service that meets your expectations.

Currently, we provide support and guidance for following visa options to our clients who wish to apply for developed countries;




  • Work Visa [Tier 1,2 and 5],
  • Student Visa [Tier 4],
  • Entrepreneur Visa [Tier 1]
  • Tourist Visa

Why Choose Us

Potential immigrants

Immigration is not only important but life changing decision. Undoubtedly its daunting and demands significant effort and time. However, it opens new doors for those who succeed. Unfortunately, many among us are unaware of the process despite information is available even on immigration websites of CIC, DI&BP and UKVI.

We have setup this platform for our reader’s, existing and potential customers to have insight into immigration process and get valued assessment of their case, prior submission of their application [irrespective of self application or through our affiliate agents].

We have dedicated and expert team who assess your case and hand over to authorized agents as per your budget, case complexity or specific need.

Immigration agents / consultants

It saves lot of time and effort and thus reduces business cost spent on finding potential cleints for your business. Partnership agreements can be tailored to forward only confirmed cases, thereby, cutting down significant manpower and administration cost. We believe in ethics, transparency and strive our best to abide by the mutually agreed terms and conditions set out in partnership deed.


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