Job Vacancies

Job Placement

Professional and social connections often leads to higher chances of success in job hunt.

Benefits of connectivity with professionals and recruiters who are either in similar working feild as you or searching for similar skills can not be ignored in modern era. Among many candidates who does not get any success in their job hunt, solution lies in lack of connectivity and socialising.

Regardless of your profession, degree or education, be it Audit & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Freelancing, Engineering, Procurement and Human Resource, connect with us as we have access and connections with huge database of people across various places who are either looking for skilled professionals or eager to join new employers.

Feel free to join our Facebook page Or Search for Vacancies on our website.

Audit, Accounts and Finance

We have specialist team for placement of audit and finance professionals. Audit professionals from big four audit firms were placed in various countries such as UK, Australia, Canada and Middle East.

Contact us through contact form if you are seeking career in big four firms internationally. Charges apply for placement services.


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