Australian Citizenship and Permanent Residency

Officially known as ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ is the largest country in Oceania and consist of great number of islands, six states and ten territories. Claimed as the sixth largest country with respect to its total area, is also one of the greatest economy and preferred destination for migrants and travelers. With gross population of 22 million, it’s very unique and modern country that has a great ancient history and also has a good European background. The vast land area of Australia is stretched up to 50,000 kilometers and over 10,000 beaches are present in Australia, the most in any country. Majority of the Australian live within 50 kilometers from the coast which makes it an integral territory.


Including the vast natural resources, the economy has profited from a viable arrangement of government, a well-working legitimate framework, and a free administration, all of which have encouraged powerful entrepreneurial advancement. Australia’s GDP per capita is $56,291 and it is to be said as the world’s twelfth largest economy in this world. The great economy condition is a proof of low poverty rate in the past few decades.

Business Sectors

Australia is a very rich country. Most of the GDP per capita it is producing is through mining exports, telecommunication, manufacturing and banking. Other fields are also playing their part in making Australia a strong and stabilized country. Australia is one of the major exporters of different agricultural products. Although the agriculture department is contributing 3 to 5% GDP, meanwhile it is also contributing in the export field.

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Job Market

Unemployment rate in Australia has decreased to a great extent in the last four years and at the moment it is the best employment rate for Australia since 1994. The unemployment rate has fallen up to 5.5% in this September. Australian government is providing more employment opportunities in health care and in mining construction. About 48,000 thousand jobs have been provided for the mining sector over the last year. Tourism and manufacturing are also providing more jobs for the people in Australia. In 2018 the rate of jobs is said to be increased. In the previous year, employment has expanded by 2.8%, which is over the normal yearly development in the course of recent years and it is 1.9%. The states with the most grounded yearly development in trendy work in the course of the most recent year have also increased.


Australia has made a specific rule of compulsory school attendance and registration throughout the country. As it has more than one states so the rules for every state are different but one rule is general that the kids of age 5 will have to start going to school till the age of 16. In some of the states the rule ids a bit different, which states that children of age 16 will either have to attend school or they will have to participate in any sort of vocational training. These steps have been taken to make every children of at least some worth so they can have a job in future. Australia is very famous for its university education as a great amount of undergraduates are going to Australia for their higher studies.

Social Life

People in Australia do enjoy their lives. They love to go outside with friends and families to spend quality time. Beaches are the only place where majority of the Australians go to spend their time. Almost 24% of the Australians who are 15 years old or above go out regularly for practicing different types of sports.


Australia has many famous and beautiful places where everyone would like to visit. Places like Sydney opera house and Bondi beach surfing in Sydney, Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, South Bank museum and Mount Coot-tha, Queensland in Brisbane and rainforest in Cairns are one of the people you will not want to miss whenever you travel to Australia. Beaches are everywhere in Australia and you can visit your favorite ones easily.

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Australia is providing a variety of visas for the people who wish to come to Australia for different purposes. Holiday or vacation, study, work, business, permanent residence and many other visa options are available. See below for various visa and immigration option for Australia.

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