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Located in the northern side of North America has ten provinces and three territories that are vastly expanded towards the Atlantic and reach up to the Pacific. It covers 3.85 million square miles making Canada the second largest country with respective to area and the fourth largest country with respect to land. Canada borders with United States in south, one of the largest bi-national land border. Most of the areas in the county have a very cold weather, though southern part of Canada is warm in summer. Total population is 36.29 million ranked 38th largest by population.


In 2016 the GDP per capita was US$ 1.52 million, which made it the tenth largest economy in the world. It has a great generalized economy. Canada is the active member of OECD, G8 and G20 and it is the world’s tenth nation in the trading area. Canada has shown a great improvement and it has a mixed economy, as its economy is ranked above United States and a few other countries in North America and the income disparity level of Canada has been very low.

Business Sectors
Canada has been playing a significant role in exporting different energy resources. Canada has a huge oil and gas reserves in Alberta. In total, 13% share of the total oil reserves in the world are extracted from Athabasca oil sands. The field of extracting the natural resources is expanding in Canada as a lot of work is being down on it. Manufacturing field is also of great worth in Canada. Many natural resources like gold, steel, aluminum etc. are being exported from Canada. The agriculture field has also being playing its role as Canada is said to be one of the largest agricultural product supplier in the world.
Job Market

At the moment there are great amount of opportunities in various sectors as Canada is short of labor in those respective sectors. To fulfill its labor demands, Canada government has launched massive immigration stream and aim to accept 350,000 immigrants each year until year 2020. Economic sectors including healthcare, Information Technology, agricultural and skilled labor are in high demand.

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The literacy rate in Canada is high and still increasing. Canada is said to be one of the most educated countries in the world. A report was proposed by OECD in 2012 which told that most of the adults in Canada are getting their education in tertiary field. Almost 51% percent of the total adults have complete their undergraduate and college degrees in this field. Canada has been spending 5.3 percent of GDP per capita on their education. Later on, in 2014 OECD did another research, which concluded that adults in Canada had their high school degrees and the percentage had moved up to 84% from 75%. This is a great change and increase in the literacy rate in Canada and there are world’ top universities and colleges over there.
Social Life
People of Canada have a successful life story as compared to others. General meeting place is Canada is pubs as very less people would just like to go for a drink. Arts and music also has a great part in the social life of Canada. People visit the art galleries and love to hear music in concerts, parties or anywhere else. A lot of different sports like golf, tennis and swimming are played in Canada but the national sports in Canada is ice hockey and lacrosse, which can be seen played by the young and adults.

There are a lot of mountains and hilly areas that you would want to visit when you travel for Canada. You would love to see all the beautiful places in Canada with great accommodation and facilities like in Toronto and Montreal. There is ice skating in Cubic city, whale-watching from Vancouver, one of the best resorts located in Whistle and Banff and many other places like these.

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