Lessons learned from violating SOD

SOD is basic but primary control violating which may be high risky.


The Prince and The Pauper

A fiction by American author Mark Twain set in the period of 1547. The story articulates around two teenagers Tom Canty (poor lad) and Prince Edward who happened to be identical in appearance.  Tom Canty being the pauper deprived of social just and annoyed by his abusive father always desired to live a life like … Continue reading The Prince and The Pauper

Water Fuelled Car – Invention or Deception

July 26, 2012 a Pakistani engineer came to lime light and media attention with the invention of new technology named Water Fuelling  System (WFS). Applying WFS, hydrogen gas is produced from breaking the hydrogen bond that derives the engine. Waqar Ahmad claimed to run 1000 cc car with the speed of 40 KMPH by utilizing just a … Continue reading Water Fuelled Car – Invention or Deception