Top ten tourist destinations in Australia

tourist destinations in Australia should have in your bucket list


Study Visa of Australia | Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Students who are interested to apply for study in Australian will have to apply together for admission in an Australian institution and for student visa. Following steps should be considered before applying for visa

Steps to Australia Immigration

Applications for immigration to Australia is administered through online service called Skill Select that was launched in year 2015. I have summarized the process of Australia Immigration along with type of visa that can be applied under it. Type of Visa  You need to check whether you can apply for Australian visa and which kind … Continue reading Steps to Australia Immigration

Check your points for Australia Immigration

Minimum score required is 60 to be eligible to apply for Australia Immigration. Break up of the score is detailed below for reference purposes.  One average basis, invitations are sent to qualified candidates / applicants on twice monthly basis. Source:   Factor Description Points Age 18–24 years 25 25–32 years 30 33–39 years 25 40–44 … Continue reading Check your points for Australia Immigration