At People & Places we are committed to protect the privacy of users of our Website. The below mentioned Privacy Policy is an integral part of Terms of Use and sets forth official policy in relation to personal and other information collected from our users.

The following Privacy Policy applies to;

  • Service providers / agencies / consultants / professionals / travel agencies / recruitment agencies / employer / academic institutes registered on this website under “Business Account”;
  • Website visitors, other individuals and entities registered under “Personal Account”
  • any other individual or entity to whom it is directly applicable

By surfing through and using our Website and services, you agree to proceed on the basis of this Privacy Policy.


Certain personal information may be received, collected or stored on our website while you browse through, register on website, and / or use our website and its contents;

  • your full name,
  • personal, business and professional details
  • email address, residential or official address,
  • personal records, files, data etc.,
  • professional license details
  • statistical information on visits,
  • IP address, cookies data, person’s location and user’s hardware and software data, URL of the page, date and time of access
  • Any other data stored for use of website

During the process of account creation (Business / Personal account), prospective account holders are required to provide specific information, not limited to;

  • Personal name, date of birth, marital status, family composition, funds statements, travel preferences, current location, nationality, work experience and details, professional references etc.
  • Business name, business details, professional and business license number, business email ID, etc.

Data gathered is used by the service providers, individuals, and website visitors, solely for the purpose of provision of services and general purposes. Users of such information (including consultants, agents, individuals), are obliged to use such information under the provisions set out in Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Purpose of Gathering Personal Information

Personal information collected is used to perform intendent services. By signing up on this platform you are connected to respective agencies operating as recruitment, employer, academic institute, immigration and travel consultant etc.

Information collected is useful for them to render services and connect with prospects in efficient and effective manner without wasting time and resources. Similarly, business information of agencies / consultants are collected to make individual account holders / prospects aware of services rendered by those agencies and to connect with them by having account on this website.

In addition, we may use such data to improve our services, market or advertise them on our website or to potential agencies / individuals who wish to join us. We may use such data for marketing, advertisement and statistical purposes.


Your data and its privacy is important to us. Your personal information is never disclosed to third parties, except registered agencies for the provision of services. Registered agencies are under duty of confidentiality by signing privacy policy to use your information solely for providing services and not for their own purpose (including marketing).

Personal data is available and may be accessible to our associates, freelancers and independent contractors such as IT experts hired by us who we believe may need to access data to serve us better and fulfil their duties. Privacy policy does not apply to any third party agency, independent contractor or individual who does not comes our direct control.

Account holder access to Personal data

Individual account holder’s, under applicable laws, have the right to access personal data held by us, to request specific information to be amended or deleted from our record.

Communication of Emails and Updates

Occasionally, service related messages, newsletters and promotion or other alter messages may be sent to you internally via email for which you may choose to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Changes to Policy

Privacy policy is subject to change on our decision. Revised policy will be directly updated on our website under Privacy Policy section. You can visit this page to know about updated privacy policy.

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